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When summer temperatures become unbearably high, our air conditioners become our best friends. However, it gets to a point when they no longer work as they should. It could be that the temperatures are not as cool as you expected them to be or the machine might fail to start altogether. Why should these happen? Here are some common AC problems.

Outside fan not workingac

Once you turn the AC unit on, the fan should start working. Failure to work means that heat is not taken away from the condenser to the environment. When the outside unit fails, expect the compressor to overheat. You would also notice the temperatures inside are not very different from those outside the house.

Refrigerant leaks

If you notice that your AC unit is low on the refrigerant, the chances are that the AC unit has a leak. If your AC has a leak, you should have it repaired and recharged quickly. An AC contractor should be in a position to locate the leak, fix it and recharge it. They also need to test it and ensure the system has no leak.

Insufficient cooling

This is a common air conditioning issue in most homes. Notably, you will have the AC unit running, but the temperatures are nothing close to what you expect. This may be attributed to clogged or messy condenser loops. This problem is solved by cleaning up the system, which might need some bit of vacuuming. Low refrigerant levels could also cause it.


There are some occasions when the AC unit produces funny sounds. The temperatures inside the rooms might be okay, but such noises are always indicators of some problems to come. These noises might be traced to a worn out fan belt. It could also be caused by some rusty components in moving parts. Noise from the air conditioner might be irritating to the extent of causing sleepless nights.

The air conditioner fails to start

pipeThere are some instances where the AC unit fails to start despite powering it on. In most cases, this problem might be from broken electrical connections. It could also be that your switch is not functioning properly. The moment you experience such a problem, it is advisable to switch the system off and contacts an AC contractor for assistance.

The moment you notice any of problems above, act swiftly and contact hvac louisville ky contractor. As a tip, you should also consider doing some periodic maintenance to your system to detect these problems early.