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In the current market, there are more choices in the cat litter boxes than there have ever been before, this has, in turn, made the lives of cat owners easier every day. Cardboard throwaways, old baking pans, recycled dishpans, on up to the high priced cat litter boxes that clean themselves automatically, are all available in the market and they do the job nicely. The list below describes best 5 cat litter boxes that you have when it comes to selecting a litter box;

Household items

Household itemsA regular baking pan which has become too old for cooking can make a great first litter box for a kitten. Its low side allows the kitten to get in and out easily. Another utensil that can be useful here is an old dish pan that has higher sides; this might work greatly for those cats who like kicking their litter everywhere. Using a plastic storage container like the ones that are used for the storage of clothes and blankets can also be a good litter box.

Disposable litter boxes

This is small cardboard litter boxes that are very popular for shelters and pet stores, and also some cat breeders. One major downside for them is that they can not be practically used for a long time by your pet cat. They are usually recommended for travel, but you are advised to think of keeping a spare of one or two around in the case that special situations arise for instance when a stray cat comes into your house.

Organic/ Biodegradable cat litter

For those individuals who are working towards attaining a green home, then there are several biodegradable cat litter boxes out there for you. Although there have been concerns in the pet industry about the potential negative health effects that can be brought about by clumping pet litter, from the cat’s perspective these creatures are not fond of corn, newspaper or even pine which are rough on paws.

In most cases, if you want to integrate your pet into the green life then you are advised to do so when they are in the kitten state. If you are heading to this direction, then the Feline Pine is the best choice. It is inexpensive and seems to control the odor very well. It does not clump, but one major downside with it is that older cats may not respond well to the texture of this product.

Self-cleaning litter boxes

In recent years, inventors have come up with various versions of litter boxes that can complete the cleaning process by themselves. This is helped further by the easy cleaning properties of clumping litter. Some have liners that are essential in filtering the clumps as they are lifted up. Although expensive than the ordinary litter boxes, they are a good option more especially to those individuals who are squeamish in handling cat waste.

Electric automatic self-cleaning litter boxes

Electric automatic self-cleaning litter boxesThey are the top of the line litter boxes, and in most cases carry a high price tag. They have a system that uses clumping litter and automatically removes the clumps each and every time the cat uses the box.
The above are the best types of litter boxes that one can use to properly take care of their cats.