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Sawdust is a by-product of woodworking. It is produced in high quantities in the saw mills. This product can be utilized in different ways instead of just leaving it to occupy the landfills.
These are some of the areas where sawdust can be used.

In the garden

Sawdust can be recycled and then used as mulching material around the plants. Iggggiufudcftdstryt can also be allowed to decompose for a while in the compost to produce organic manure. You are advised to take your soil for testing before using this type of manure as some types of manure produced from sawdust are highly acidic. Some wood types such as walnut are known to contain certain types of herbicides which would be harmful to your plants. Additionally, the recycled sawdust can also be used for mulching the garden paths. This helps in making a soft path which you can land on your feet.

Besides sawdust used as the mulching material provides a soil cover thereby preventing soil erosion from taking place. There are some types of sawdust which are also very effective in smoothening weeds.

Around the house

Some people are faced with a challenge of cleaning up the floor which is spilled with oil. Sawdust is a solution to this problem. This product is spread over the garage floor or the shop floor and then swept. Sawdust helps in absorbing any spills or grime thus facilitating the cleaning process.

Sawdust has a high absorbency. I can also be used for cleaning the paint cans before disposing of them. Sawdust absorbs all the remaining paint making the container to dry completely. The cleaned container can then be trashed.


Wood chips and sawdust can be used for sm4r4t43ter31r54rfewoking. Wood products are used for adding flavor to foods. Clean hardwoods are used which are free of resin, nails, glue and so on. The wood chips are soaked in water and then wrapped using a perforated foil. The foil is then placed directly on the hot charcoals or near the source of heat. Smoke is produced when the wood gets hot. This is the smoke used in flavoring the meat.


Used as a fire starter

Sawdust can be mixed with wax to produce a firestarter brick. The leftover wood shavings and sawdust are packed using a towel roll. Melted wax is then poured on the wood shavings cooling, and hardening of the wax produces the homemade fire starter log.

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